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Take Breaks

The last thing a busy person wants to hear is: “Quit something, you are doing too much!” I enjoy being busy. It’s a lifestyle choice. And I love all my jobs (translator, music teacher and alternative high school / LBS program coordinator). Why quit one? I wouldn’t know which one to choose: my three jobs bring me joy, a sense of accomplishment, a challenge, lots of learning opportunities, and I get to meet and work with wonderful people. So, when I recently read the following post on social media: “Learn to take breaks, not quit,” I learned to do just that. I integrated more planned and worthy breaks into my schedule.

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself to make your breaks count.

  1. Why do you feel like you need a break?
  2. Are you physically or emotionally tired?
  3. Do you feel as if you need to take a break at the same time every day or just after certain activities?
  4. What do you do during your breaks?
  5. Are you transferring your work to another activity or are you actually taking a break?
  6. How long do your breaks last? How long should your breaks last?

Repeat after me: “You are not a robot.” Even if your friends don’t understand how you can fit everything you do in a day, you still have limits. Most of us have very busy lives where we try to have a healthy balance between family and work responsibilities and expectations. Therefore, make your breaks count.