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How to Tackle All Your Tasks in One Day!

It’s Monday morning. You know it will be a busy day. How do you organize your day? There are different strategies you can use to organize your day and make sure that you complete all your tasks. Here are some of my tips.

  1. The List Maker

What does your list look like? Where is your list? Is your list organized? Is your list neat or all messy? Here are different kinds of lists that you can make:

  • The traditional: Your list is written on a lined sheet of paper.
  • The board: Your list is written on a white board.
  • The sticky: Each task is written on separate sticky notes that you stick on the wall or you pin on a board.
  • The techy: Your list is typed in Excel or in Word.
  • The cell: Your list is voiced in or written as notes on your cell.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what kind of list you make, so long as you have one. I like to use more than one.

  1. The Decision Maker

Now come the important questions.

  • How will you tackle your list?
  • Will you go down the list, and complete each task one at a time?
  • Will you randomly choose which task to do?

The answer is: it depends. If you have a strict deadline, that’s your priority. If you feel creative, go with the tasks that require your creativity. If you are a morning person, start with the most demanding tasks. Does your brain shut off at 2 o’clock? You really need to know your work self and be able to make decisions when it comes to how you will tackle your list. Here are my tips:

  1. The Prioritizer

Start with the tasks that are urgent, then important, then “nice to get done”. Remember that there will be busier days than others when you will only have time to do the urgent tasks. However, if you never have a chance to do the “nice-to-get-done” tasks, you need to analyze your work habits, your work environment and even your work description.

  1. The Spot Finder

Write all your tasks in a time slot in your agenda (in pencil). It is important to decide how much time each task should take. You can also write each task on a sticky note that you stick in a time slot in your agenda. Make sure to use small sticky notes that cover 15 to 30-minute increments, so your Post-its are not covering other tasks.

  1. The Spreader

Write all your tasks on sticky notes and stick them on a wall or pin them on a white board. Then pick whatever task that moves or inspires you. When you pick a task, stick the sticky note on your desk. Once you are done that task, throw it out. The goal is to take off all the tasks and have an empty wall or board by the end of the day. The nice thing about this strategy is that you get to choose what task to do when.

Some days, you will be a spreader, others, a spot finder. Try different strategies to see which ones work for you. But remember… Being organized is so much more than creating lists and sticking Post-its in your agenda. It’s about knowing when you are productive, accepting your limits, being disciplined, making choices, being determined, eliminating distractions, setting goals, saying “yes” and saying “no”, being able to see the results of your goals, and most of all, being proud and happy of your accomplishments.

So, tell me. How do you tackle all your tasks?