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COVID-19 Forced Me to Reset My Life and I’m Thankful for It

COVID allowed me to press the reset button. Start over. Learn new skills. Adapt and innovate. Challenges are usually the root of innovation and problem solving. When I am faced with a challenge, I like to look outside the box. Problem was… when COVID hit, there was no box! We were in the unknown. Everybody was looking for answers. So, what did I do? I registered to a whole bunch of webinars. I organized staff meetings to find solutions as a group. I evaluated and adapted our processes and procedures. Hence, I embraced the challenge, and I ran with it. I figured that there was nothing I could do but accept it, so I did.

As a certified translator and business owner, I was very busy during the pandemic. I had to find ways to be productive and not fall victim to COVID fatigue. My eyes were tired of staring at a screen all day and my body ached from sitting all the time. So, I found solutions that worked for me.


Work Environment

  1. I reorganized my office. I wanted to maximize my work environment by decluttering and having easy access to my printers, fax machine (yes, I still use one!), filing cabinets, paper, etc. I even made an effort to remember to burn candles and open windows, once in a while, to change the air in my office.


Resources and Creativity

  1. I was resourceful. I took every opportunity to learn new skills, to participate in webinars, to watch how-to videos. I was curious. I used the tools that were available to me. I used YouTube and Google. I took Webinars. But mostly, I was creative. I drew my own path.



  1. I invested in a better Internet connection. If I wanted to stay connected and have opportunities, I needed faster, more reliable Internet.


Mind, Body and Soul

  1. I took better care of me. I exercised. I slept well. I ate well (aside from the occasional homemade cinnamon roll). I spent time outside, under my pergola. I organized virtual chat rooms with my friends. I developed new hobbies…actually old hobbies that had been neglected for years. I started drawing and sewing. These hobbies had no connection to a screen. They kept me sane during the pandemic!


The changes that were made in my life during the pandemic were inevitable. I was not taking good care of myself. I was neglecting my body and mind. COVID-19 was an eye-opener for me. It was so drastic and quick that something HAD to change. Routines had to be modified. I am thankful that the pandemic forced me to reset my life. I like my new normal.